Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to India and a form of alternative medicine.

Ayurveda is grounded in the physics of the "five elements, including the human body.

Ayurveda deals elaborately with measures of healthful living during the entire span of life and its various phases. Ayurveda stresses a balance of three elemental energies or humors: vata(air & space – "wind"), pittha (fire & water – "bile") and kapha (water & earth – "phlegm").
According to ayurveda, these three regulatory principles — doshas — are important for health, because when they are in a more balanced state, the body will function to its fullest, and when imbalanced, the body will be affected negatively in certain ways.

Ayurveda holds that each human possesses a unique combination of doshas. Ayurveda also focuses on exercise, yoga, meditation, and massage. Thus, body, mind and spirit/consciousness need to be addressed both individually and in unison for health to ensue.