Classical homeopathy

The classical homeopathy is able to compensate, alleviate and heal acute and chronic deseases from infants, children and adults. The basic context of homeopathy after Samuel Hahnemann in 18th is the “law of similars”- “let like be cured by like” (similia similibus curentur).

For all therapies the human and natural image after Rudolf Steiner is considered. It distinguishes between the physical, mental and spiritual developement from the individuality. It combines each area of the pathology.

The homepathy is a individual and holistic therapy. It sets value on physical and mental characteristic of the sick people as well as of his biography and his environmental behavour. It is a therapy to promote self-healing. The central approach of the homeopathic treatment is not only to fight against the symptoms, instead you should learn that every complaint is a defect of the inner vitality. If the person recovers again, the symptomes will disappear.

Our job is to recognise exactly this pattern and to move it in a suitable medicament. The right drug makes it possible to help the person. In the first conversation (Anamnese), the description of the feeling, dreams and the perception of the envionment is analysed. Other treatments: Hollistic body and joint therapy, osteoporosis, Dorn-method, Lymphatic drainage, Cupping-therapy...