Tradition and more!

Hard times shaped the history of Oberstdorf, which influenced the character of his inhabitants

Despite modern technology it isn´t easy to work in the mountain meadows and the slopes. Traditon and the love for the homeland as well as the obligation to preserve the heritage from the ancestors is the motivation for the mountain farmers, as you can not live from this income. We are hapy to show you our traditional farm. Our familiy runs a farm for about 300 years in Oberstdorf. We farm 30 of acres, from which we harvest hay from June to September to have feed for the winter. Our 10 dairy cows, ca. 10 young cuttles and the donkey Pius are from October to May in our stable. From June to September some of them are in a summer resort. The young cuttles, calves, some cows, the donkey Pius and the cats Sissi and Peterle are spending the summer time at the Fluchtalpe. Our son David and his wife Martina as well as the kids manage the Fluchalpe during this time. The other cows are during this time at the Sennalpe Schlappold chalet, which is the highest Sennalpe in Germany.