"I have the great fortune
to live in one of the worlds best places!"

Michaela Berktold
classical homeopathy, qualified classical homeopathy, BKHD

· born in Oberstdorf
· married and three fabulous sons and grandma from two lively grandchildren
· over 21 her own Physiotherapy Practice
· Training and become a professional classical homeopathy
· many and continuous further training by well-known people: Anne Schadde, Mike Keszlar, Drs. Paarek, Nancy Herrick, Dr. Sankaran, Sunil Anand, Dr. Willi Neuhold, Jan Scholten, u.a.
· SANKARAN workshop Anne Schadde
· Physiotherapy Training, Naturopathy
· Dark-field-therapy
· Ayurveda Training (SevaAkademie, München)
· Reiki Champion
· Astrology Training
· Member of the Homöopathie-Forum (BKHD)